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Hyoola Beeswax Birthday Candles – 50 Pack Natural Dripless Decorative Candles with Long Lasting Burn – Elegant Taper Design Soothing Scent – 6” Tall – Handmade in The USA - B07CR86MKT

  • FESTIVE BIRTHDAY CANDLES: The best candles to put on a birthday cake for your child, a cupcake for a coworker, or just any delicious dessert for a loved one to fully celebrate any occasion!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from 100% natural beeswax so you won't have nasty wax dripping on your cake, but a healthier natural substance. When lit upright without wind, they are also dripless.

  • IDEAL SIZE FOR ANY CELEBRATION: Standard size to go on birthday cakes and cupcakes perfectly – 6 inch tall candles with a 0.20” diameter are the optimal size for wonderful presentation.

  • ELEGANT DISPLAY: Lovely shape and available in three colors that stand out fabulously in any setting! The natural golden yellow hue is the perfect color for an awesome party display.

  • BULK SUPPLY, LONG BURN TIME: Each box includes 50 decorative candles, enough for a whole lot of partying. When used to decorate or for centerpieces, they have a 30 minute burn time.

  • The best part of celebrating your child's birthdays is watching their faces filled with excitement as they make a wish and blow out the candles. Nothing could ever replace the magic of birthday candles in anyone's childhood and Hyoola is here to give your child that feeling, but with the added bonus of pure, all natural beeswax


    All Natural Beeswax Material
    Great for Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes, and Other Treats
    50 Pack
    Available in 6" and 9" Tall
    Lightly Scented
    Long Lasting Burn Time
    Dripless for Reduced Messes
    Elegant Display for Enhanced Home Decor
    Handmade in the USA


    Provide a wonderful display at your son or daughter's birthday party no matter what age they become with our birthday candles! They're beautifully crafted to provide a sleek and chic touch to any birthday celebration. Place them on any kid's favorite flavor cake and have him or her blow them out for great celebratory excitement! They're the perfect size to fit on cake tops without them looking to bulky or too thin.


    Avoid unnecessary wax from leaking onto your desserts with our candles! They're optimally designed to create as little as wax spillage as possible so you can ensure a healthier cake eating experience for your children and guests. They also last a pretty long time - over 30 minutes burning time so it's great for surprise parties!


    These decorative candles are not only good for use in birthday cakes, they can be used to decorate all kinds of parties and events in centerpieces and many types of candle holders. They can also be used in Chanukah menorahs and for other religious events and ceremonies

    Try the best in quality and performance with Hyoola today!